Slumped by the
pool she let
hold her face
Rising from
among the
rocks and weeds
a hand reached

Calling her
Down into
cool, cool water

Hand in hand
two dancers
they swam
Kissing the
feathered feet
of boatmen
Nipping at
the spinning
blossem tresses
Cast by ghosts
of trees

Skin dappled
wearing the
rich textures
of earth.
Coils of land
slipped away
their grip
Weightless she
forgot her legs

In the spring
she found a
lover amber
eyed and a
broad stiff snout


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Monsieur Morte

Just in case you don't spend
as much time as me in year seven French
here's the translation

There’s a ghost in our classroom,
His name’s Monsieur Morte,
When Madame says “please sit down”
He opens the door.

He hates little children,
Who don’t put up their hands,
He opens the window,
With a great bang!

There’s a ghost in our classroom,
His name’s Monsieur Morte,
He closes my books,
And opens the door.

He’s stolen my pencil sharpener,
And taken my pen,
He’ll scare you to death,
With teeth, like a lion.

There’s a ghost in our classroom,
His name’s Monsieur Morte,
He closes the window,
And opens the door.

So listen, dear children,
If you’re not good and,
Look at the blackboard,
And listen to Madame!

Watch out for Monsieur Morte,
Or he will get you or worse,
So don’t leave the classroom,
Without asking him first.

There’s a ghost in our classroom,
His name’s Monsieur Morte,
His hair was full of spiders,
When he opened the door.

So if you feel shivers,
All over your head,
Say “Bonjour Monsieur Morte,
I don’t think we’ve met!”

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Monsieur Morte!

There’s a ghost in our class room,
Il s’appelle Monsieur Morte,
When Madame says « Asseyez-vous!»,
Il ouvre la porte!

Il déteste les petits enfants,
Qui ne lèvent pas leurs mains,
Il ferme la fenêtre,
Avec un grand BANG!

Il y a un fantôme dans notre classe,
Il s’appelle Monsieur Morte,
Il ferme mes livres,
Il ouvre la porte!

Il a volé mon stylo,
Et mon taille-crayon,
Il vous effrayera à la morte,
Avec des dents comme un lion,

There’s a ghost in our class room,
Il s’appelle Monsieur Morte,
Il ferme la fenêtre,
Il ouvre la porte!

Ecoute ainsi les chers enfants,
Si vous n’êtes pas très bien,
Et ne regardez pas le tableau,
Et n’écoutez pas Madame!

Attention à Monsieur Morte,
C’est un prof très fort,
Ainsi ne quittez pas la classe,
Sans lui demander d’abord!

There’s a ghost in our classroom,
Il s’appelle Monsieur Morte,
Ses cheveux étaient pleins d’araignées,
Quand il a ouvert la porte!

Ainsi si vous sentez des frissons,
Au dessous de votre tête,
Say « Bonjour Monsieur Morte! »
I don’t think we’ve met!


This World

Loosely Based on 'This Room by Imtiaz Dharker'
except her's is a poem of celebration,
and mine well you'll hopefully get the picture.
It was written as part of a workshop I did at school

This world is closing in
On itself, blocking out
Its dry sun
In search of dull dark
Soft cool air.

The trees are sinking back in
Its parched earth.
From light too bright leaves
Are curling back in their wombs.

This is the end of life
Brick it up
When the jeering faces offer bald black
Lies, when bellies stuffed wring the moist
Land-sky and earth are weeping
In soiled, garments
Past the clouds of sulphur, acid, poison
Swallowing the grasses
No one is looking or hears

Inside they build a boat
And cast themselves off
In the sea of their minds

My heart is outside crying


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A Bed Time Story

Silver shadow sleeper
Bathed in buttermilk,
Shriven you dream-while
Head-lamps polish an ark

You stir on your sun bleached
Island sailing dazzling
Clouds a dream catcher
Musing in the breeze

Fingers of ash gently
Creeping. Caress and mould
Your body. I lift the
Corner of your Mind
A soft voice
Swimming sleepy
Among the waves breaking
Dream shores






Escape Artists

Escaped several Words

Their owner maintains
That his

There is
Some evidence
Anger may
have been responsible

Their owner says
He's made all
Attempts to recover them
And is not
For any damage/havoc
His words may have created

He may however
Have to
Except some blame
As ignorance
Is no defence
In law