The Colour of Bones

A scarlet maiden lies in the cliff
open bellied. Chorister bats scaffold birds
shrieking farewell adieu

Stained rune-terracotta; fragments
The small beads of her pelvis
Blossom like cherries. From

such bones fall prophecy. Cerise, jasper
raspberry. Others fade to dung
in the scribbling sands

Old women plucking weeds. Softly folding
sea into her eyes; she sings enchantments
to colour bones green


A Documentary

To study the habits of teachers
Pretend you are working
Whilst observing through small hole in book

Make a note of any colour changes
Before shouting is heard
Advanced warning of danger
If another teacher they fancy
Comes into the room,
Opportunity to drop guard

Teachers usually blush and giggle during courtship
It’s easy to spot,
Watch out for good moods,
New clothes/haircuts,
Dreamy expressions,
Leniency towards small crimes,
Lack of interest in homework,

Careful study will allow us to live in peace with these creatures
Tomorrow we’ll be studying the OFSTED inspector