The Visitor

A monster came to school
Its breath was rank
Its armpits stank
Its teeth were sharp and cruel

It wore clothes of a kind
It bellowed loud
Its voice was foul
Terrified we smiled

Its fur was long and greasy
Beneath it’s nose
Looked kind of gross,
And really made us queasy

The head rushed to give greeting
He said “Meet miss!
Your teacher kids.”
Then sadly he was eaten.


Love in a Bottle

A dog faced dawn plods frozen in darkness
Knotting its self through the ribbons of sky
Dusting the dark from the drunk dismal gutter
It loosens the faces of dull careless lovers
Dreamless like absence; eyes draped in tissue
And swallows the bile of embarrassed goodbyes

Creeping and sniffing rodents from sewers
Commuter sleepwalkers faded and grey
Spend their days hoping the dreamers deliver
Full to the brim they empty the bottle; while
staggering forth life swears at the mirror
Crumples up dreams and hurls them away