You smiled the blue sky
floated round in silver pieces
the air tasted sweet
Colours passed through me
Raining from the stars
Each had a flavor, a feeling
Each had a bigger smile
The sun walked with me
stretching, living
Voicing its golden words
It kissed the land-trickling
into the warm breath of night
Bathing in burning rays of fire

This morning you cried grey sky
Hanging from my head
Dragging back my hair
I tried to swallow my heart
like a boy caught smoking
my sleeve caught fire
You watched impassive
through closed eyes.

When the sun rose
It was a dry hard biscuit


Ship of Dreams

Under ice we sleep
Fireflies dancing in lanterns
Pools of winter sun

Down, down and falling
Crushed, by the iron water
Cold lipped salt geisha

We wave pale silent
Through jet edged anenomies
Caress startled beds

Death’s faithless lover
Floats in ghost seas of angels
Washing bitter stars

Echoing last cries
Hugging rocks, scattered pebbles
Laced with love’s glass thorns

Flames whip up a shoal
Of wild ruby eyed horses
Sapphires and stones fall

Then the whole world stops
Until darkness comes creeping
To turn out the light


Tell me about it

"Beautiful" said mum
"What a nice er donkey? Horse? Sheep?"
I very patiently explained it was a dog

"Wonderful" said dad
"What a lovely dog"

I didn’t want him to feel stupid
So I didn’t tell him
It was a different picture


It’s a Fact

It’s difficult to negotiate after a Fact
It’s a Fact
Facts are like that!
They have little time for Theories
Being Facts they feel superior
And go around proving themselves
Facts take a dim view of Dreams
Because Dreams completely ignore them
And don’t respect reality
Facts are usually hard
And backed up by other Facts
Facts however
Are terrified of other Facts
They’re scared of being proved wrong
Cause if they are
They can’t be Facts
And it’s a Fact
Facts don’t like that!


Haiku Haiku all fall down


If pigs really flew
Folk who’d been poohed on by birds
would wear larger hats.


Amber eyes lashed coal
dark lace lines creep antique gold
part of tree and grass


Great mud beast cracked baked
tusk trooping trunk trailing tank
creased worried gentle.