A Boy

A boy stared out beyond his years
And could not wait for time
He rushed to taste the future
Towards a distant light
On past youth and freedom
Without knowing what he’d passed
Left all behind with innocence
And came to the edge at last
With age he turned to seek his path
The child - the boy - the man,
But love, nor gold, nor deep regret
Could bring back youth again


Recipe for Disaster

List of ingredients:

1. a vase
2. any of the following:
a) a small child with bike
b) a cat and a dog
c) a cat or a dog

In the absence of a) b) or c) an older child can be used with great success, providing of course that they are fairly stupid and own a ball. If you don’t have one of your own, borrow the next door neighbours.


Put all the ingredients into a small semi and leave to marinate.
This is an easy recipe even for those who are not used to wreaking havoc as it requires minimal preparation or cooking.

Serving Suggestions

Serve with vigorous screaming, a liberal sprinkling of lies and where possible a sibling with an eye for detail.

Bon’ appétit!