Whatever the colour of our skin
The length of our legs
The size of our nose
The thickness of our hair
The weight of our troubles
The shadows of our frown
The depths of our joy
The shape of our smile
Or the strength of our soul
We all walk the same earth
And when we cry
Our tears sound the same



Undreamt worlds passed you
Forest floors gave birth to huts
Crops-walls rose and fell

Men decayed their bones
Bleached by the sun became one
With tawny ash-rock

A subtle honey
-trap its delicate embrace
Held you like lovers

Pressed deep into earth
Fly who walked with dinosaurs
A million years? More?

Pulled from soft darkness
Beneath vagaries of cities
You burn in candles

Your secrets-adorn
milky throats-ears Of course you
Will never say more

Of sun-air-wind-rain
Or love For flies have no words for-


Christmas in Transylvania

Don’t go to Johnnie’s for dinner?
You mustn’t ask Johnnie to play
I know that he likes bats and cobwebs
But you really must send him away
Didn’t your Daddy tell you?
Dear Drack that it’s really rude
To enter a place without asking
Or worse still to play with your food