Tied to the ground by grasses
I watch the sea breath
Over the distant shore
An angel dreamt you

Your face a mirror reflecting
The silence I reach
Through time for your
Gentle breathless smile

It glitters drifting out singing
With the gulls till they
And I-are watching
Just a faded paper beach
Framed by a winter sky


The Feral Child

Sisku found men-scratching a trapper's bin,
Cornered steaming like a fresh kill,
Breathing ice hostile fevered,
Eyes burning-she rocked for a year defiled,
Drilling a hole in the grey walled institute.

Buried in the cool folded tunnel of her arms,
A ghost made delicate with flesh shivering,
Rabbit pulled her feet through spiked grasses,
Tasting the dull shadows that stained the wind,
Whipping at wild things round the choked bulb.

Numbness clawed at bleached cheeks,
Trembling flat against the doors greedy air,
Tearing till it gaped like an eye flapping,
Tearing at the grey skins-who listened? Silence,
Only hovering dark whispered with a dry voice.

Pale echoes stirred the iron cold mountains,
Melting with the shadows she wore the dark,
Water woods sighed and swallowed the wind,
Her chiselled flesh gripped the bowl of a lake,
Bursting the moon and scattering stars.

Floating on softly through black emptiness,

Washing her dreams in the water locked skies,
Embraced by the limbs of lulling water,
She stared out beyond the empty world,
White hair flowering in the broken moon.



You said I was,
Lazy untidy,
Worse idle,
I can't fault illegible,
Cause you can't tell,
That I can't spell,
It is respite,
From the fight.

I wear
Your Scorn,
Deep Sore,
You think,
That your,
Clever clogs,
Knit fog,
Full of pride,
Do the impossible,
And when you're waiting,
For that pat,
On your fat,
Head exhausted,
I'll punch you,
In the gut
Miss lies,
Call you names,
And tell you,
Do it all again,
Try harder!
Next time!


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Not Today Please

Today has been cancelled,
The whole world can't be bothered,
Black birds sit like pompoms,
One startled eye on watch duty,
Curtains shiver,
Pulling tighter shut,
Trees sulk in an icy shower,
Cars mutter and cough,
The sky can barely hold herself up,
Wind whispers to the clouds,
"Do not to wake the sun"
Lawn turns over yawning,
Under stff clean sheets.

Only Manooska minds,
Caught out by the door,
Angry with magic white feathers,
Now so cold and wet.



Dripping drab and drizzle,
Wash the gauzy gloom,
Rattle, rattan roof top,
Monsoon, Monsoon, Monsoon

Whispered water colours,
Soak up the stars and moon,
Splashes through eyelashes,
Monsoon, Monsoon, Monsoon

Grabbing grubby grasses,
Paths are puddles soon,
Greedy growing growling,
Monsoon, Monsoon, Monsoon

Dipping dashing dizzy,
Percussion in my room,
Faster flowing falling,
Monsoon, Monsoon, Monsoon