Poem Cat

this was the very first poem I ever posted on my blog and how it got its name so I thought I'd post it again.

Like velvet syrup
Cat pours down from the shelf
A delicate paw
Ruffling feathers of water silk

A poem wrote this cat
Dipping its self in the cream of her fur
Painting delicate whiskers
On a half seen face

Poem Cat concerns herself with the universe
She tiptoes across the keyboard
To a meeting of great minds
Leaving the dream of cornflower eyes
In jumbles of consenants and vowels


Home Coming

Over the top
In a hail of bullets
Lead laced willows
Lurk like monsters
Caught whipping boots keys
As we rattle in to the hall
White fire mist
Warm breath trudged in
Hands burned cold grey
A sullen sky drops its jaw
Takes the day
And walks away
Night shut out
Murmurs restless in the eves
Fanning the paper
Till it smiles and
Curls up in the hearth
As the warm arms of home
Tuck us in for the night


The Garden

I never met him
But I'm glad that he lived once
A boy who died
And was remembered
With a garden

There's a little pool
Full of darting fishes
We put in our hands
Turned pale as ghosts

Walls carved like fossils
Painted ice-cream colours
Set with bright shards
Of candy striped glass

But just for today
We shut our eyes
To remember
And wonder how
It feels to die
So young and
Full of Life


Food for Thought

I will give you
And honeymadesun

I will give you
And midnightplums

I will give you
And greenaubergines
With bananasmiles

I will give them to you
Cook me a poem


Blue Elephants

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