We Birds

It settled its great black ballast,
Quenched as the ant men fled,
Grasped by the tides that whispered,
Gushing hot rasping breath,
Pulsing the heaving shingle,
Drugged listlessly it slept,
Dark bile slipped into green gold salt,
And the stealthy canker crept.

Stained the shallows unravelled,
Sealed in a sable mask,
Melting the tar borne serpent,
Spewing its ebony cast,
Pouring the endless ichor,
Strangled with coils of ash,
And swallowed the copper marshes,
Caressed with death all it passed.

Smashed in the bowels of the serpent,
Spilled on the silent shore,
Veins of hot jet grew shining,
With subtly poisoned jaws,
We yielded glazed and frozen,
Wrapped in the bitter pall,
While putrid leather tangles,
Grazed in the clinging squall.

The sickness was swallowed slowly,
Too weak to swim or fly,
We combed the withered grasses,
Scorched and blister dry,
Mourning our lifeless brothers,
Watching the brooding sky,
Lashed by the burning waters,
Waiting patiently to die.

Again I am confounded I can make them bigger
but you still cant read them. To post a shape
poem has become my mission.
I wonder if a different font would work?

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Today at 6 O'clock
We discovered a large patch of slime,
And collected some as evidence,
We asked what mum thought,
I think it's dinner time,
She said,
I wondered if this was a mistake,
Because the slime later, ate her,
Or was it ironic.

She was hard work to chew though,
Cause she was scared stiff.

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Through a pool,
Of scarlet birds,
Gilded in sun,
Splashed up,
Fragile as butterflies,
As dreams.
Stolen thought,
On streams,
Floating on pianos,
As dreams.

With omissions,
Through a pool,
Of scarlet birds,
Gilded in sun,
Fragile butterflies,
Confusing as dreams,
Through a pool
Of scarlet butterflies


Moon Child

In his eyes were planets,
They escaped from his pencil without colour,
The grey shadows of his imagination,
Drifted in a silent galaxy of stars,
Okra moons passed by,
In violet skies full of silver eyes,
He tried to stare at the printed words,
Tiny people told him to return,
"Stop dreaming!" They said,
But without dreams
he was grey as his pencils,
Heavy as black lead,
Without dreams,
Numbers and pages,
Words could not float away,
Lost in his violet sky,
So he dreamed on and on,
And left his grey shadow on the faded desk.


Cleopatra of the Nile,
Enigmatic regal smile,
Powder lilac, Pale as plaster,
Fashioned moving alabaster,
Creamy Sphinx of royal blood,
Topaz eyes that stare and brood,
Another moment paddle purring,
Dance of lover, Rubbing curling,
Sleeps as restful as a child,
Softly watching to beguile,
Fleet and fluid tiny panther,
Nipping gripping little chancer,
Silent flickering muscles sprung,
A little flesh is pricked and stung,
Oh! Cleopatra of the Nile,
How could such beauty I defile?
Powder lilac, Pale as plaster,
Fashioned, moving alabaster.


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Wind groans and drags the door,
Small fingers trace the rising bumps and hair,
The insufficiency of my coat denied,
Beneath synthetic pelt,
Curled back in to the warm womb of my mother,
But my eyelids glow bright inside,
And my jaw becomes a vice that crushes my head,
Factual glowing characters burn,
Another hour struggles,
Stretching each stringy minute,
Till it snaps past.

On cold floors I pad,
Shadow cat pours forth her love,
Clinging to chances companion,
Curtain tracks shriek,
Resenting intrusion,

I seek a corner shivering,
As the dark sky uncaring in her agony,
Gives birth cracking at the suns head,
Laying down,
Exhausted she smiles,
Bathing in a mask of dew,
Her cherished child.


Nessy Goes to Hollywood

Nessy had dreams of Hollywood,
So the monster star of the neighbourhood,
Ditched her life of dirt and mud,
And set out to quit the loch for good.

But the parts she got were all the same,
Monsters eating boats or planes,
Killing children and being slain,
Living in sewers and looking deranged.

Sick of carnage flames and blood,
And wrestling reactors in a latex hood
She felt lonely and misunderstood,
And went in search of comfort food.

Her new career hit the rocks,
When her latest movie flopped,
And this monster glutton food despot,
Got told that she was being dropped.

She knew she had to take some action,
Full figured monsters weren't in fashion,
So she binned her crisp and toffee ration,
And took up aerobics with a passion.

With a personal trainer and slimming Guru,
She lived on yogurt cabbage stew,
And macrobiotic organics too,
Until she'd lost the flesh she'd grew.

Now Nessy's the new face of slimming,
She's opened a clinic for monster women,
With muscle pumpers and eyebrow strimming,
Cornering the market for monster thinning.

So the scientists searching the Lock Ness mud,
Won't find a thing cos she's in Hollywood,
Yes the monster star of the neighbourhood,
Has finally quit the loch for good.


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