Wind groans and drags the door,
Small fingers trace the rising bumps and hair,
The insufficiency of my coat denied,
Beneath synthetic pelt,
Curled back in to the warm womb of my mother,
But my eyelids glow bright inside,
And my jaw becomes a vice that crushes my head,
Factual glowing characters burn,
Another hour struggles,
Stretching each stringy minute,
Till it snaps past.

On cold floors I pad,
Shadow cat pours forth her love,
Clinging to chances companion,
Curtain tracks shriek,
Resenting intrusion,

I seek a corner shivering,
As the dark sky uncaring in her agony,
Gives birth cracking at the suns head,
Laying down,
Exhausted she smiles,
Bathing in a mask of dew,
Her cherished child.


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