On the Couch with Mrs Persons

Mrs Persons is hypnotised,
By sound like a headache,
Strutting through my head.

Gawping at the glowing white angels,
In tattooed makeup,
Serving rainbow food,
From a cloud kitchen,
With a life resistant surface.

Mrs Persons longs for virtual babies,
Dancing in remote controlled nappies,
With perma-smiles.
Are you in debt?
Get more in debt,
Buy a holiday with the spare debt,
Read the small print,
Don't forget, but don't get old,
Age must be surgically enhanced,
Botoxed, dyed, exercised, and slimmed away.

Mrs Persons will live forever,
On a diet of friendly bacteria,
Low fat celery plus added vitamins,
Her bodily functions,
Will be replaced by colonic irrigation,
One less job for the mortician,
Should she loose the battle for eternal youth.


Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Nice poem. Good to meet you again, glad it was useful. The link you gave me sent me straight here - no problems.

Regarding spellings etc. I guess you have to be doubly careful as a poet. Loose and lose, for example, two different words.

I'll put your blog on my regulars list.

One way to get people to visits your blog is to visit theirs. So find like-minded blogs and leave comments. They will often then visit your blog to check it out.

Good blogging luck!


11:24 AM  
Blogger Roger Stevens said...

Hi, again

Here's another blogging tip.

Go back through your personal profile and -

1 Check your spellings

2 Be very specific. For example put Tudors and Ancient Egypt as separate entries.

The reason is - that when you click on a highlighted word in the profile it takes you to other sites of people who have also put that word in their profiles - ie people with interests similar to yours.
For this to happen the word must be right.

It will bring people to your site -and give you chance to visit other sites. Click on the highlighted words in your profile to see what I mean.


3:10 PM  

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